Arbonne International

I am pleased to be sharing with you a little of who I am, what Arbonne is and what we stand for.

Who am I?

My name is Stavroulla Snowling. I am Wife and mum to my son and daughter. I work part-time as an animal patient assistant and run my Arbonne business alongside it all.

I was approaching maternity leave with my son and knew that having a work-life balance with 2 children was not going to be easy, especially as it is not a 9 to 5 job! As we all do, I dreamt of being able to be a stay at home mum and be more present for my children.

I then met another mum at school who introduced me to Arbonne. Although I wasn’t physically looking for an alternative income I decided to go to host a workshop and find out what Arbonne was and what the opportunity could offer. At that point I was excited about the business. I already knew I loved the products as had tried them. I decided I had nothing to lose so jumped straight in as a consultant. From that day I have not looked back!

Who is Arbonne?

Arbonne was founded in 1975 in Switzerland by a man called Petter Morck. His vision was to build a company that produced botanically based products, was environmentally friendly but most of all enabled people to make their vision for the future become reality. He wanted something that stay at home mums could fit around their families, but today the business suits everybody for different reasons. For example, actors, doctors, teachers, stay at home mums, the list goes on as anybody can do it no matter what their background is.

Arbonne has and always will be committed to being globally sustainable and continually works on leaving a lighter environmental footprint.

Product Ingredients!

All of our products use botanical ingredients; these combined with science provide products that give amazing clinical results.

  • Our products are free from toxins making them safe for all the family to use.
  • We have Vegan and PETA cruelty free certification. All products are free from animal by-products and we do not carry out any animal testing on either the individual ingredients or products as a whole.  
  • We are gluten and dairy free so great for anyone with intolerances to these.
  • Our nutrition products also have Kosher and Informed-sport certification.
  • We are free from artificial fragrances, colours, and sweeteners as well as harmful preservatives.

Personally for me being an animal lover, I am proud to be an ambassador of a Vegan brand that means no animals are harmed for my beauty and wellness.

Products Range!

We have a large range of products for all the family. These include:

  • Daily nutrition
  • Makeup (which treats and moisturises the skin whilst wearing)
  • Personal care products (body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, haircare, toothpaste)
  • Skincare- this ranges from childrens wash, nappy cream, body lotion and sunscreen through to anti-aging products and ranges for every skin type in between.

What Arbonne means to me!

It is more than just a business for me.

  • Firstly I have met so many inspiring people and made some lifelong friends.

Being part of Arbonne has shown me that there are such generous and kind people out there that would do anything to help others.

The generosity shown to each other as consultants is like nothing I have come across before. We are gifted for just working our business and I know that I can call upon others that might not even be in my team and they will help.

  • I have travelled to places that I would never have been to were it not for being part of this amazing company; Las Vegas is just one of those.
  • I have seen friends and sidelines building their businesses and living lives most people would only dream of, and this is what I am building towards.
  • I am building my business so that I can be more present at home for my family. To not have to constantly worry about our finances and what we can afford. To earn the annual incentive holiday that is available each year. To earn my own white Mercedes courtesy of my Arbonne bonuses and of course not to dread having to go to my J.O.B every Monday morning.

Arbonne is something I enjoy to do and does not feel like work. I am sharing products that I love and most importantly helping others to change their lives in ways they thought they never could.

If you would like to know more about the business opportunity and how it could work for you or would like more information on the products please get in touch:

Facebook: Healthy Happy Life – Stavroulla Snowling

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stav x