Written by Claire from Totally Tranquil

About me

My name is Claire and I am a self employed holistic and beauty therapist and I have been in the industry for five years. Prior to my training I worked as a nurse in the NHS for fourteen years. I have worked in spa’s , salon’s and clinic’s but I currently work from home in a dedicated treatment room and also offer mobile appointment’s. Holistic treatments are by far my most popular choice for clients and one that is proving to be a stand out favourite is my Rose quartz facial. This luxurious treatment is an hour long and harnesses the power of  Rose quartz crystal .



Rose quartz helps clear the heart chakra , allowing you to get rid of stress and negativity that can cause tension in the muscle. So Rose quartz can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles , giving a softer more youthful complexion. It also stimulates the circulation and oxygenates the skin, leaving the skin glowing at the end of the treatment. Rose quartz is also very soothing and calms inflammation , reduces puffiness and using the roller encourages lymphatic drainage. Because of its extremely healing and rejuvenating benefits , Rose quartz has been hailed as the natural alternative to botox if used regularly and is the perfect  anti – aging treatment.

Skincare and clients

During this treatment I use a natural skincare range  it contains Frankincense and Rose essential oils which are nourishing , hydrating and also suitable for sensitive skin. I think that it works well in conjunction with the rose quartz and gives the optimum results and provides a perfect balance between using crystal and essential oils. My clients love this treatment once they have had it and always rebook because of the difference they see in their skin.

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