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Dr. Ida Rolf was the first to create, practice and teach a system of bodywork aimed towards working with the connective tissue of the body to achieve structural changes in the client through deep manipulation of the fascia.

Fascia or connective tissue binds and connects all the structures inside the body - organs, bones, blood vessels, nerves etc. Fascia comes in the form of a single tough sheet that connects everything from head to toe. This interconnection means that if the fascia gets thick or tense in one area of your body, it could pull on muscles, bones, or nerves somewhere else.

This ability of fascia to affect distant areas of the body gave biophysicist Ida Rolf an idea for helping people with chronic pain and tension. Rolf believed that injury, chronic stress, or emotional trauma could make fascia thicker and stickier. To restore freedom of movement and better align the head, shoulders, thorax, pelvis, and legs, she designed various manipulations to stretch tight and thickened fascia - and Rolfing was born.

Rolfing involves realigning manipulation and deep-tissue work, which can be painful. The benefits of the treatment are said to help people relax and move more comfortably, even increasing range of motion of shoulders and other joints.

Usually, Rolfing involves ten sessions, which last 1 or 2 hours each and occur a week or 2 apart.

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