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Deep Lymphatic Therapy

Deep Lymphatic Therapy (DLT) was pioneered by an Australian lady, Grace Halliday, more than 50 years ago. Through her experiences and research, Grace discovered that many degenerative problems are related to dysfunction of the lymphatic system, which, if not addressed, can cause an inability to remove waste and toxic material. This toxicity builds up in various types of tissue resulting in a wide variety of symptoms we then call disease.

The lymphatic system is a complex system of vessels and nodes that collect and neutralise the foreign protein or ingested bacteria in the body. DLT is used to clear the superficial, mid and deep lymphatic vessels throughout the body which have become congested through trauma or misuse.  When the body sustains any kind of damage/impact – and this can be any time from birth onwards, including traumatic birth – an area of congestion develops. Over time, this congestion becomes more solid and may hold fluid around the area, thus giving an apparent increase in body size and blocking the natural flow of some body fluids and even nerve impulses.

Many conditions respond well to this treatment such as angina, migraine, some cases of diabetes, IBS, low back pain, breast congestion and post surgery (even after many years) – although it is especially good as an MOT for anyone wishing to prevent problems for their future. Contraindications are pregnancy, epilepsy and appendicitis.

The treatment is a deep tissue massage, performed systematically upon each part of the body.  However, the pressure used will vary according to the individual at that time – it is not a case of ‘no pain, no gain’ but relates more to meeting the inherent requirements of the body in question.  The head is treated last leaving the patient feeling very relaxed.

This is a foot to head treatment so 2 hours should be allowed.

This article was written by Angela Delglyn.

Angela practices DLT, Remedial Massage & Metabolic Typing at Tring in Hertfordshire, England.
For more information see www.in-form.co.uk or call 07900 168 996.



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