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Balance - for fitness and for health

What is Amatsu?

The aim of Amatsu is to promote optimum health through all-round balance.

Each person’s needs are different and only your own body knows what it needs.

Amatsu uses this knowledge to re-awaken your body’s ability to heal itself.

Physical and emotional tensions caused by past and present traumas become locked in the body. Amatsu allows these to be released, enabling you to cope more effectively with your life now.

How can Amatsu help you?

Amatsu can help you with most conditions. If you are suffering from any pain or stress or you are feeling generally below par, or even feel like giving yourself a relaxing treat, Amatsu may be the answer for you.What’s it all about?

An important concept in Amatsu is that the whole person needs treating, not just the presenting symptoms. This includes paying attention to

1. The physical body

2. Nutrition

3. Energy (Ki)

4. Mind/emotions

5. Environment

All these need to be in balance for perfect health. Imbalance in any one of them will affect all the others.

What is involved in a treatment?

Treatment starts with an assessment of the client’s present body-state, followed by stimulation of various points to balance the body’s energy system. Motion tests are used to check the body’s structure and organ functions, then gentle manipulation of the limbs may be used to restore balance. Various other techniques may also be used, but these are the basics.

A typical treatment takes about half an hour.

Where did it come from?

Amatsu originated in Japan and is based on a traditional healing system.

The great strength of Amatsu is that it constantly develops to meet the needs of life today. Modern techniques that have been demonstrated to be effective have been incorporated into the existing knowledge to refine and update it. As long as the basic principles and beliefs are maintained, Amatsu can continue to grow from strength to strength.

Western medicine also has its place, and Amatsu practitioners keep an open mind about the efficacy of any treatment. If it works for you and does no harm, why not use it.

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