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The Benefits of Coaching

The Benefits of Coaching

by Phil Parker Do Dip E Hyp Psyc CMPNLP


Why do we all need coaches?

Athletes, singers and sports professionals at the highest level of their professions all have one thing in common. As part of their commitment to stay at the top and develop to new levels of excellence, they employ a coach. Their coach may not even be as good as they are at running, singing or scoring home runs or goals. But their coach will be able to give them something they can't easily give themselves.

An outside, unbiased perspective of their performance and a depth of experience from fields that they just aren't trained in, like peak performance, psychology & Neuro linguistic programming.

In fact in all fields of successful endeavour you will see coaching, and this especially true in the area of business.

If you're in business you will need a coach of some sorts, they may be a professional coach or just a colleague who's a great coach will need to coach others effectively

How can I enhance my coaching skills?

Think about a time when you have been expertly coached or taught; when someone really helped you through a difficult or new experience. a time when you had been very poorly coached, supported, taught or motivated. Everyone remembers those last ones!

As you compare those two experiences ask yourself, what was different about the way that other person, the 'coach' conducted themselves? What qualities and resources and perspectives did they bring to that situation that made it either great or dreadful?

Make a list, then go to the end of this article and see which ones you recognised; also look at the ones you didn't think of and ask yourself if on reflection they were present too.

Coaching skills we rate;

1. coaching is only provided when there has been a request or an agreement for coaching.

2. the coach leaves their own problems at the door

3. the coach clearly believes in you

4. they will assess the feasibility of your plans, and if they believe them to be sound, they will ensure that you know that they believe that what you are aiming for is entirely possible and definitely within your ability

5. they always maintain a big, clear perspective, which will often be bigger and clearer than yours. This allows them to see the end point even when you can't.

6. they don't take any bullshit. If you've committed to achieving something and begin to cheat on yourself, talk yourself down, or not deliver on your promises they won't stand for it.

7. they rarely give advice, but mainly ask questions that assist you to discover the solutions

8. they are supportive and caring

9. they listen, but will assist you to refocus if you start to go off the point or endlessly complain

10. they take the time, because they know you're important

11. you know that they think you're important

12. they have integrity, they don't just say things, they really mean them

13. you have a clear sense that they understand what is going on for you

14. they will give feedback instead of criticism and never say "you're wrong" (this is an identity level statement, which implies you are wrong, rather than what you did was inappropriate), although they may suggest improvements to aspects of your performance

15. they’re able to reflect on your performance

16. they bring a sense of humour and lightness to the situation

Think about a situation, where you have to be the coach, and things are difficult. Which of these qualities do you need to draw on more? Is there anything we should have added to the list?

The Self Coaching question

One of a coach’s key roles is to see the potential for greatness within you and remind you of it. This is a really important question for helping you to get in touch with yourself at your best. "What would I need to remember about myself to help me achieve my goal?" Or "When was the last time I successfully dealt with a situation similar to this?"

~ Phil Parker 2001

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