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So why have a Personal Trainer?

So why have a Personal Trainer?
By Mike Buss – Swindon’s Premier Personal Trainer, with a 100% success rate with every client.

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Email: activelifeuk@hotmail.com
Tel: 01793 763 458
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I have been interested in health & fitness from a very early age, competing mainly in tennis and athletics from a young boy. I have been coaching & fitness instructing for over 14yrs, within both class and one-to-one environments.

What I have learned from this is most people can do anything if they are focused and motivated. This is where a PERSONAL TRAINER like myself comes in; a personal trainer is great for motivating people and setting goals. All too often I’ve seen people in the gym training without getting anywhere, this is down to them not having any direction in their training… Yes they want to get fit and lose weight, but this goal will never be achieved for a number of reasons:
The goals people set are never specific – to just say I want to lose weight and get fit is not a goal, goals need to be specific e.g. I want to lose 2lbs of body fat per week for the next 3months. Have short-term goals on the way to your ultimate long-term goal.
People training in the gyms, often don’t work hard enough, and this isn’t usually down to lazyness, but down to not knowing how much your body is capable of, an experienced personal trainer will quickly find out how hard to push you, and you will be surprised at how hard you can work out to.
Programme stagnation – again I see far too many in gyms doing the same thing for months on end without raising the weights or increasing the speed on the cardio machines, they have stagnated and need to move change their routine to suit their new fitness level or they will never progress.

Remember this “Without progression there is no change and without change there is no progression.”

In the 1st meeting with any new client we discuss at some length, their goals both short and long term, diet & present lifestyle and why they have decided that this is the time they have chosen to take the first step on the road to a fitter and healthier life.

I don’t promise it’s going to be easy or that you are going to see results overnight. I will say that you will with the right trainer see an improvement in 12weeks and in 6months you will be pleasantly surprised. A year down the line if your fitness regime is kept up you will be amazed with your results and feel a totally new person.

Together we find out likes and dislikes, there’s no point in doing something that you don’t like, because as soon as you get board or don’t like something you will give it up. Give it up and you will lose all that hard work and not only go back to square one but you will also find it harder than ever to get back into the swing of things. So once a programme is set, as my client’s progress so does the exercise programme & as goals set are achieved, new goals are set.

I love what I do, so I suppose I’m very lucky. Very few people can honestly say their job doesn’t feel like a job. I can’t think of anything more satisfying than helping people achieve their goals.

So what ever your goals I hope you can achieve your goals too!

“Become the change you seek” quote by Ghandi

Mike’s Credentials:

Qualified as a fitness instructor in 1990
10yr Career as an Army Physical Training Instructor
Sports Science/psychology degree
Qualified Life Coach
British Athletics Coach for over 10yrs
2nd Dan Black Belt Ju Jitsu
Army & Police Arrest & Restraint Instructor
International Motivational Speaker
Have advised & Trained clients including:
The British Para-Olympic Team for Sydney 2000 & Greece 2004 along with a number of Team GB and S.African Athletes prior to Greece 2004
Have been the Personal Trainer for many actors on film sets including Gladiatress, BBC’s Dunkirk & Shaun of the Dead.
Set up Active Life UK – Personal Training Company
Fitness Columnist for the Times
Fitness writer for British Runner Magazine
Health & Fitness Columnist for The Evening Advertiser

To enjoy life and have fun is the key to staying focused and motivated. By setting realistic, short term & long term goals will help to keep you motivated too. I believe that with the right information, instruction and coaching, no one is beyond help (Nothing is impossible)and by connecting the mind with the body and Believing in a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), saying I can & I will, will produce the results you want.

With my help, you will not only develop and achieve the goals you set, but also gain a desire along the way for success to keep those Goals in sight at all times.

I keep in shape by using various forms of exercise such as weight training, running, circuit training and cycling, using goal setting along the way. I am now a Professional Endurance Athlete, I enjoy learning about how to improve ones self in mind and body and find satisfaction in helping others achieve their goals too.

Swindon area, Wiltshire & London

Specialising in:
Personal training
Weight Loss/Weight Management
Pre/Post Natal Programmes
Self Defence
Life Coaching/Positive Mind Control
Stress Management
GP Referrals
Fitness & Health Assessments/Testing
Sports Specific Exercise Programming
Athletics Coaching
Posture Analysis
Group Motivational Speaking
Corporate Occupational Health
Corporate Management Team Building/Leadership

Mike Buss
Tel: 01793 763 458
Mob: 07981 295 927
Email: activelifeuk@hotmail.com

Remember Health Equals Happiness…
“You will become the change you seek – Nothing is impossible”

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