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Removing Toxins The Natural Way

Removing Toxins The Natural Way
by Su Hagan CertEd, CertAyNep, SPClinDipA

Lifestyles and health mutually influence each other. It is increasingly apparent that our health depends on what and how we eat, whether or not we exercise and, most importantly, how we think and feel.

These theories are not new! Ayurvedic medicine, rooted in the purification and rejuvenation of the body (such that the mind can become enlightened) is the earliest known preventative medical system in mankind~s history. In western medicine, we visit the doctor when we are sick - by when, according to Ayurveda, it could be too late to use gentle and gradual methods.

Regarding such concepts as free radicals and liver enzymes, we see that this knowledge has long existed in Ayurvedic texts. The theory of Ayurvedic bio-energy is very similar to Western concepts of immunology and stress. An Ayurvedic lifestyle, of which Aromatherapy is a large part, teaches that, if the body and the psyche remain free of stress, this strengthens the immune system and pre-empts illness.

The brain and immune system are not simply like each other - they are each other to the degree that they work within the same chemical network. The only difference between a brain-cell and an immune-cell is that their DNA has, in each case, selected to emphasise certain aspects of its total knowledge and suppress others. To all intents and purposes, to feel happy and to fight cancer is much the same thing at the molecular level.

The Reticulo-endothelial System (R.E.S) is a storage, exchange, elimination and defence system. It deals with toxins from food, drugs, and medicines and is an essential part of the Lymphatic System.

The R.E.S. comprises mesenchymal and connective tissue, both liberally distributed throughout the body. It consists of muscles, fat-deposits and intermediate tissues between the organs ~ representing a complete tissue-bank. These cells include phagocytes (Greek - Phago - I eat and Kytos - cell), which destroy the results of injury and/or infection and are found in the bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, liver and kidneys. When acid gets into the blood, the homeostatic control-area ensures that the acid is laid down in the R.E.S., which, acts as a massive storage system, i.e. it stores all the toxic residue that would otherwise be lethal. If the levels of acid in the body remain constant, the R.E.S. becomes saturated and the body becomes heavily predisposed towards disease.

It is at this point that detoxification is urgently needed ~ but it must be gentle and gradual. Ayurveda asserts that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Therefore, combinations of herbs and of treatments are used. Assessing the individual as a whole, the Practitioner creates a programme unique to the patient. For example, the patient might need a liver tonic to de-toxify, or the stomach might need to be cleansed to increase digestive fire - before liver de-toxifying herbs can be used. No two programmes are the same ~ we are each unique.

Detoxification is a complex process, to be undertaken only under the supervision of an accomplished Therapist. However, regular self-massage is an excellent way to both prevent further toxic build up and to prepare the body for deeper detoxification.

One very effective way of managing stress and the resulting ill health is through Aromatherapy Massage. Such a massage loosens tight muscles, facilitating toxins to be cleared from the body. The oils used should be pure essential oils, individually chosen, so that the blend complements the person and their symptoms.

Bodies respond positively to routine and react to lack of it. One cannot de-toxify in the midst of one’s usual schedule. One cannot ask the body to release its accumulated toxicity and concurrently expect it to dash for the train, eat on the run and clinch 3 deals before lunchtime.

When we de-toxify the body, we act on one of the most important systems of the human body - the Lymphatic System. An important part in the body~s defence-mechanisms, it filters out organisms that cause disease, produces certain white blood cells, generates antibodies and distributes fluids and nutrients for the body as part of its drainage - so that tissues do not become oedematous.

The human organism comprises approximately 70% water and it is from this fluid that the cells draw their nutritious elements - minerals and vitamins in solution - supplied by the blood. This fluid is both a food store and a dump into which cells also abandon the residues of their digestion — the waste products of the cellular metabolism.

The fraction of interstitial fluid that penetrates into drainage ducts is subject to alteration. The chemical composition changes and the fluid acquires new properties - it becomes lymph. Lymph plays an important role in the

immune system and in absorbing fats from the intestines. There are more than 100 oval, lymph nodes, mainly in the neck, groin and armpits - though they are also scattered all along the lymphatic vessels. The size of the nodes/glands varies from the size of a grain of rice to that of an olive stone. They are joined into chains at different levels and act as barriers erected to defend the organism against infection by filtering out and destroying toxins and germs.

In de-toxifying the body, we assist the Lymphatic and Immune System. An excellent way to begin a cleansing programme is to use the Castor Oil Pack. In the past, it has been used in pregnancy ~ both to induce birth and to cleanse the colon prior to birth.

Personal experience, both with ourselves and with clients, has proven the efficacy of Castor Oil in countering congestion of the lymphatic system and its results, e.g. inflammation, skin-disorders, liver and gall-bladder disturbances, abscesses, haemorrhoids, constipation, headaches, lumpy, painful breasts, intestinal obstructions and varicose veins.

A cloth of cotton sheeting, or a washing flannel, is folded in several layers, then saturated with warm, high quality, cold-pressed, castor oil and placed upon the affected area. Cover with a plastic bag and place a hot water bottle on top. Wrap a towel around the area to hold everything in place. Keep the pack on for 1 ~ 1.5 hours. The oil penetrates the skin and works down into the tissues.

Keep the flannel pack wrapped in plastic for future use. It can be used many times. Beware, Castor Oil is messy; lie on plastic or something that you do not mind being soaked in oil.

Edgar Cayce suggested that castor oil packs can strengthen Peyer~s Patches ~ tiny patches of lymphatic tissue on the mucosal surface of the small intestine. According to Cayce, the Peyer~s Patches produce a substance which facilities electrical contact between the autonomous and the cerebrospinal nervous system when it reaches those areas via the bloodstream. Cayce says that the health of the entire nervous system is, to an extent, maintained through the substance produced by the Peyer~s Patches when they are in good health. Although the Peyer~s Patches were discovered in 1677, it is only in more recent times that medical science has begun to recognise them as constituents of the body~s immune system.

When we begin to de-toxify, there will be changes in the bodily systems. Symptoms may get worse before they get better.

An important part of healing is psychological improvement ~ even though physical symptoms may be worse.

Symptoms often leave the body downwards; a headache may become a backache, an upset stomach may eliminate as diarrhoea and a rash on the chest may leave via the feet. Problems usually resolve from inside, outwards; internal illness may expel itself as a rash - as in the case of measles or chickenpox; food poisoning may cause vomiting; toxins can express through the hair, nails or soles of the feet. Sweating can increase and have a stronger smell than when in good health.

Recovery from illness can appear to regress through symptoms previously suffered. For example, in pneumonia, it is rare that one wakes up with pneumonia; it is far more usual to go through cold symptoms, flu-like symptoms and a mild chest infection before one develops pneumonia.

Recovery reverses the process ~ ‘the way down is the way up’. Chronic conditions often respond in the same way. For example, a rheumatoid arthritic may find a rash accompanies improvement that is reminiscent of one they had in their earlier years ~ a rash that may have been suppressed, causing the condition to deepen.

Penultimately Ayurveda states that:

- it is a natural state of the individual to be healthy

- disease can be prevented by the treatment of the three Doshas (which means ~that which can easily go out of balance~) inherent in everyone

- the root cause of disease is a lack of digestive fire and this results in the formation of ~ama~, or toxins that disrupt the Doshas, as food is not digested properly.

- illness is produced by a sense of separation from reality.

And finally:

the body has an innate, inborn, ability to heal itself.

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