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Regulation of Massage Therapists

Regulation of Massage Therapists
In 2008 the government's will enforce its’ policy of extending public protection by encouraging the voluntary regulation of complementary therapies including massage. Regulation of Massage Therapy is a process that will ensure that practitioners are trained and qualified to a specified standard and a register will be held for the public to find such qualified therapists and where complaints can be made about such registrants.
Registration is entirely voluntary and therapists will still be able to practice even if they do not register. If a therapist qualifies some years ago there will be a system known as grandparenting, where providing you are able to demonstrate you aer experienced, and up to date with your therapy, you will still be able to join the register.
Further and more up to date information can be gained from the General Council For Massage Therapy. www.gcmt.org.uk

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