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Indian Head Massage Workshops

This is an invitation to come & learn Indian Head Massage. This traditional & popular treatment is a therapeutic massage of the shoulders, neck, scalp & face.
1 Day Certified Course only £95.00


* Easy to learn in one day (due to small classes) one to one tuition. No expensive chairs or oils required.

This is a one-day practitioners course, with no need for a certificate in anatomy and physiology to attend - as this is NOT needed to become a practitioner you CAN be covered for insurance, as there is no governing body that require A & P or any case histories.

* Relieves tension and headaches, neck and back pain

* Alleviates stress, promotes relaxation a popular massage often requested for general well-being

*Stimulates lymphatic drainage, helping to remove toxins and boost the immune system

*Restores joint mobility, improving circulation which lifts energy improving concentration

* Indian Head Massage reaches all energy centres where tension accumulates.

No more than 8 people to keep classes small ensuring individual attention, you will receive a Practitioners Certificate which allows you to use this treatment with the general public. A Reference-Worksheet to take home and Insurance details. You will also get a BCMA Independent therapist application info. A video will also be available which makes an excellent visual reference (£10.00).


* Can I practice this massage straight away? ...... YES!
There’s No Governing Body for Indian Head Massage, so unlike Reflexology etc you’re NOT be required to do case histories or I.T.E.C.
This makes it an ideal massage to learn in one day for those who do not wish to learn Anatomy & Physiology with longer courses, or who have already done A & P

* Can I learn this in just one day? and if so, why do people teach it over a longer period of time?..... YES!
It can easily be learnt in one day, people who run workshops over a week-end etc, have larger groups to tutor, teaching the same technique then coming back on the second day to go over everything you have learnt, so it becomes automatic. However, not everyone has the time or the money to do this (usually costing £250+) You will learn the full professional technique on the day. I will teach this technique in a small class, in one day which saves you money and you will receive a certificate and a detailed reference sheet to take away with you. I am Affiliated with BCMA, Independent therapist of the British Complementary Medicine Association.
You will be able to practice with family and friends before you take it to the general public. I’m sure you won’t be short of volunteers!

* Can I get insurance with your certificate?...YES!
I will give you insurance details which are very competitive alternatively you can add it to your existing insurance company.

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INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO FOR SALE £12.99 (includes p&p) or £10 on the day.
An easy to follow video showing you the techniques of Indian Head Massage to use with family and friends.

If you wish to learn this as a Practitioner please call or email for workshop details and dates:

Contact: Sue Bailey
Tel : 0208 852 0742
Fax: 0208 852 0742
E-Mail :sue@gatewayworkshops.co.uk

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