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How on earth do you choose a massage course?

How on earth do you choose a massage course?
By Gill Tree Managing Director of Essentials for Health

I have just had a very interesting experience – I stepped into your shoes for a while and became a buyer of a training course, it’s quite confusing isn’t it! So many choices: different exam boards, course content, course length, locations and price- where on earth do you start?!

So how did I choose a course that has cost me a lot of money?

These were the factors that helped shape my buying decision;

The helpfulness of the staff on the end of the phone and at the end of the e-mail
If they were helpful, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and informative in the office and via their website, the chances are they are also that way in the classroom.

The qualification and experience of the teachers
I don’t want to be taught by someone who has only just qualified themselves, nor do I want to be taught by someone who only has the qualification I am about to study. I want to be taught by an expert. Someone who has great knowledge they are willing to share. I also want to be taught by someone who has trained as a teacher. It is one thing to know a subject, teaching it in an inspiring, creative and fun way is an entirely different matter!

The location. Now believe it or not the course I have chosen is in South Africa. If it’s the right course for me and I get a really good feel about it, I am prepared to travel for it. How about you?

The track record of the company
I didn’t want to go with company that was relatively new. I want to be taught by a company that is hugely experienced and has recognition within the industry as being a quality training provider

The qualification offered
Now I am going to do my course in South Africa, so it is obviously important that the qualification offered is recognised here in the UK. There are some overseas companies now operating in the UK where their qualifications are not recognised here, so be careful.

The course content
I didn’t want some short course that would make me feel I was missing out on content and leave me wondering for the rest of my life- what would I have learnt if I’d done a longer course? What knowledge have I not gained?

The timing I teach on our own courses at weekends and therefore wanted to do an intensive course.

The number of students on the course.
I actually learn from others in my class as well as the teachers and I enjoy the social aspect and possibility of new friendships, so I felt happy to be in a group of 20- 30 people. I know as a teacher that small groups of 5-8 people just don’t have the same energy and are not as enjoyable. If one or two people don’t get on, it can really spoil a course. In a larger group they can avoid each other!

Recommendations and testimonials.
I asked for the e-mail of a past customer of theirs to see if they could give me a good report on the school.

The price
Now if all of the above is satisfied, this gives me peace of mind. My course doesn’t start for a few months and I have paid in full. I don’t want to be spending the next few months worrying about whether I have done the right thing. I am therefore willing to pay a little extra for the peace of mind I have. I feel confident that this is the right course for me and excited about the decision I have taken.

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