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5 Ways to Self Massage for Pain Relief

Day to day life can take a toll on our bodies. We spend hours hunched over our computers, cell phones, tablets, sitting in office chairs, standing up for hours making other people look pretty, and those dreaded gym days.

It is no surprise that prescription pain medication sales have gone up 90% since 1997. Put down the pills, there is no need to hurt your bodies even worse when you could make the pain go away yourself quickly and easily! No, I am not talking about making an expensive appointment at a chiropractor or masseuse. No appointments needed just your very own hands, a tennis ball or something round, and maybe a warm towel.

Try one of these five effective ways to self-massage and relieve pain at home, on your own time!

You can begin by warming a towel and draping it over the part of your body you are planning on messaging, taking a warm relaxing shower or neither of the above. It is your choice.

1. Neck Pain

Roll a warm or regular towel into a “braid” Hold it behind your neck tightly, slowly move the towel braid up and down, after 3-5 minutes the muscles should start to release. Another thing I like to do is to take my fingers and massage the sides of my spine on the back of my neck. Rolling your fingers up and down the neck. There are pressure points on the back of your neck. The pressure points if pressed and held, relieve pain and tension, even headaches. Finally, Stretch it out roll your neck from side to side holding at each side for 15 seconds, and the middle for 15 seconds. I suggest rolling your neck for at least a minute. This will release a lot of tension and pain.


To learn more about pressure points click here: http://organichealth.co/acupressure-for-headache-relief/

2. Shoulder blade pain

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Our Shoulders are a trouble spot for most, whether you’re in the labor industry, a workout enthusiast, or you sit in an office chair. We all have pain the solution is simple; a tennis ball. You can place a tennis ball against a wall or set it on the floor. If standing move up and down as if doing soft, careful squats rolling the tennis ball around so that it hits the different muscles along your shoulder blades. If laying place the ball on the floor and lie down on top of it, moving in a side to side motion. Another solution is in your very own hands, take your hand and rub around the shoulder blades. Squeezing and releasing the muscle as you go. When you’re done stretch it out; take one hand over your shoulder and the other coming up from under the blade. Connect your hands together if you can or hold on to a towel hold for 15-20 seconds but do not force it.

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3. Lower Back


Our worst enemies the lower back; this is especially a problem for people who stand for long periods of time. Place your tennis ball on the floor and lie down on it, do not place the ball directly on your spine. Roll from side to side on the ball horizontally, up to the rib cage and back down. Repeating the process until you feel the muscles release and you will! A favorite stretch of most for the lower back is child’s pose. Get on to your knees in the floor squat your feet onto feet and have the upper half of your body on the floor stretching your hands in front of you. Stretch your hands as far as you can without your butt leaving the feet. Hold for 15-20 seconds release and repeat.

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4. Feet



You can use a ball or a frozen water bottle for this one. Take the ball and place it on the arch of your foot Roll the ball or bottle up and down the foot from the arch to heel, from heel to toes. Repeat the process, a ball is my favorite way to do this, it really seems to do the trick for me. Something I like to do is to put the ball into the freezer for 15-20 minutes until it is just cold. This cooling method with the rolling makes for a wonderful massage. Yes, you can even stretch your feet. Point the toes out and hold for 10 seconds and then arch your toes back and hold for 10 seconds.

5. Calves

I do not know about you, but my calves get very sore. I simply take my thumb to the bottom of my calve muscle and hold It there for five seconds, moving up inch by inch doing the same until I get to my knee, and work myself back down again. I repeat this about five times. To stretch your calve muscles standup, and place one leg in front of you lean back with the front foot on the heel and your back leg in a semi-squat. Hold for 15-20 seconds and repeat.

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