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Find the Right Massage/Beauty Accredited Course

Gateway Workshops TM offer training for complete beginners looking for a career change (or looking for an extra income) and we also have many courses for exisiting therapists - something for everyone. Fully insurable & recognised courses covered by the professional bodies.
Your training and experience is very important to us and our reputation too - we feel confident that our tutors deliver time and time again and word of mouth has spread quickly over the years supporting us in what we are trying to achieve.
Our training school has a proven 13 year track record and our tutors are passionate, caring, friendly and specialists in their fields. They are there to guide you and offer help and advice where needed.
What makes us unique to other training school?
1. Our tutors stay with us for years offering excellent tuition, we started in 1998 so unlike other schools who have popped up over night, we have a proven track record of years of experience behind us so you can reply on us and know you are booking with an established company.
2. We are proud that our manuals are of a high quality and cover everything you need and are included in the cost of your course.
3. We have many DVD's that go with the one day training courses helping you to remember the technique you have learnt once home.
4. We offer that you can come back free of charge if you feel one day is not long enough for the course you have chosen, making sure you are happy with the training you receive and happy and confident with the routine you have learnt.
5. Specialising in small training classes (often no more than 6 per class for our one day training courses) to ensure individual and personal attention.
6. We have our one day courses accredited with FHT and other professional bodies, FHT's standards are very high, they carry out venue inspections, manuals and teaching assessments giving you the student the assurance needed to know you are booking onto a quality and insurable course.



Our Tutors - With the established years of experience behind us, we hand pick (by recommendation only) our tutors for the one day courses we offer/promote. We make sure they are not only passionate about their subject but offer high standards making sure you the student get an excellent course.
All tutors are trained up to a very high standard and our feedback over the years supports the choices in tutors we have made. We don't have a high turnover of tutors, we are proud to say our tutors stay with us for years.
All our massage courses are fully recognised and accredited by the following professional bodies and fully insurable.
Our Beauty Courses are accredited by the Beauty Guild and also BABTAC

Who have we trained?

We have trained many professional therapists from Champneys Health Resorts, The Sanctuary Covent Garden and other leading companies. Many salon therapists, mobile and corporate ladies and gentlemen. We have also trained thousands of complete beginners, police men and women, air hostess - flight attendants, office workers, mums, retired men and women, members of the NHS all looking for a rewarding career change or an extra income.
We offer value for money, professional training from passionate and skilled tutors. A chance to earn an extra income or maybe offer you training to allow a complete life change and a different career path.

Upon successful completion of your training course with us you will be awarded the Gateway Workshops Diploma. We have the most experienced tutors and your Diploma is well recognised and respected within the industry and enables you to join professional associations and get insurance cover for your massage or beauty practice.
We also promote ITEC and BTEC courses, Specialising in small training class numbers to ensure individual and personal attention.
We pride ourselves in offering/promoting excellent courses & teachers and we have built a long standing excellent reputation over many years. We are passionate about what we do and over the years our trusted service has been used by thousands of students both in the UK and also by students travelling from overseas to attend our courses.

Help with Payments - For our more expensive longer courses on offer, easy payment options are available breaking down your payment into 3 easy installments whilst you are training (there is no cost to set this up) helping you to spread the cost and easily budget. For our one day courses we only require a small deposit to book and the final payment is paid later helping you again to save and budget.

All our courses have been awarded CPD points (Continuing Professional Development). There are a certain amount of points required by the various bodies (IFPA, FHT etc) to ensure that members are up to date with various therapies. For example Aromatherapists are required every 3 years to keep their training in massage up to date and will look for CPD courses to be able to do this.
Our CPD courses are available for the professional massage therapist or for a the complete beginner. All professional bodies award one day courses various amounts of CPD points, on average FHT & Embody award 5 - 10 points and the beauty and holistic guild award approx 15 points. Please check with your association to confirm CPD points.
We also promote ITEC & BTEC schools in London and Devon who offer excellent courses, we want to make sure you are booking with an established school with a excellent reputation. When booking for a longer course, the time and cost commitment to you is a larger investment so it is very important to make sure you are booking with the right school and we are here to ensure that happens.



Our vision/Passion
To offer excellent training courses with tutors who really care, to make sure your training is of a high standard and feel proud about what we do. To offer people a 'gateway' to their full potential, changing lives and like a pebble in a pond the ripple effect goes on touching many people. Helping to improve people's health and restore their soul.

Our mission
There are many courses around the UK to choose from and you want to make sure you attend a good one! We do the research so you do not have to, we only promote courses of a high standard that are approved so we know you will be delighted.



Our approach
We offer the personal touch, small training classes ensuring individual attention at all times. We really care about what we do and our team is like a big family. We have built our business mainly by word of mouth and your satisfaction is our aim. We don't just want you to be satisfied with our courses but delighted by them.

In all that we do, we strive to embody the values of
  • to inspire
  • communication, exchange of knowledge
  • truth
  • care
  • pride
  • passion & vision
  • authenticity
  • open souls
  • value for money
  • attention to detail
  • excellence
If we can be of further help please feel free to call us:
0333 121 0742
This call is free on mobiles (using your free minutes) and a local rate call on landlines.


Office hours are 11am - 5.30pm Admin office open Monday - Friday closed over the week



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