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Hot Stone Massage is one of the more luxurious Massages out there, but do you know the benefits of this wonderfully relaxing and ancient treatment? We have delved deep into the history of the stones and why they are so popular across the world.

Hot Stone Massage began in India around 5000 years ago and is a therapy using smooth, round, basalt stones that are heated traditionally in hot water and massaged across the body. Most Hot Stone Massage begins with a traditional 'hands on' Swedish Massage where the therapist uses their hands and oil to prepare the muscles for a deeper treatment. Hot Stones are then massaged to manipulate the muscles and it is commonly known that a hot stone can penetrate 7 times deeper than a therapists hands without the discomfort of a deep tissue massage. The localised heat warms and relaxes the muscle allowing the therapist to use more pressure to work on a deeper level. If you type into the internet Hot Stone Massage, you will no doubt find a picture of a body with hot stones all up the back. This is often the most common question when people enquire about the Massage, will it hurt? Absolutely not, the stones are never, ever placed directly on the body after coming out of the water. They are submerged into hot water and would cause significant burns on the skin should they be left, the therapist will always check the temperature and massage them over key points on the body. Sometimes during the treatment, once the stones are cooled down your therapist may leave them on chakra points to help balance your energy. Some therapists also use cold stones in conjunction with the heat to manipulate specific problems out of muscles. This treatment should never be painful and as with any treatment, always inform your therapist if you are feeling discomfort and they will adapt the session to suit you.

So what is so beneficial with this treatment? Well, here is a list of all the wonderful reasons to try this amazing therapy:

  1. Helps Relieve tight muscles and tension
  2. Reduces Stress and helps with Anxiety
  3. Promotes deeper level of relaxation thus promoting better sleep
  4. Boosts Immunity
  5. Can help with skin conditions
  6. Increases Blood Circulation
  7. Can help with muscle spasms

Does this sound like a therapy you would like to try? Then why not check out our database and see location and reviews on your local therapist. As with all therapies there will be a consultation beforehand and certain conditions will mean the treatment can not go ahead. But please mention to your therapist if you have any concerns upon booking and they can talk you through the process.

Happy Hot Stones!


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